How To Transfer Music From iPhone To Computer

How To Transfer Music From IPhone To Computer

Many people face problems while transferring music files from their iPhones to their PC. Importing music files from an iPhone to a computer is, however, an easy task and does not require any special technical know-how to do so. So if you want to know how to transfer music files or audio files from your Apple device to your PC, stay tuned!

Here we are presenting an amazing guide to teach you how to transfer music from your iPhone to the computer.

Transferring Music from iPhone to Computer Using iTunes

This is the second way of transferring music from the iPhone to the computer. Remember, using this method, you can transfer only the music you have purchased and not the one you have downloaded.

Steps of Importing Purchased Music Files from iPhone to Computer:

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes on your iPhone.

Now open it and visit the Account option and then select the Authorization option. Here you need to select the Authorize this computer option. This will enable your computer to access and use your Apple ID.

Log in to your account by providing the necessary details like your Apple ID and your password. After logging in, you have to click on the Authorize option for completing the authorization process.

Now, you need to connect your iPhone support number to your computer with the help of a USB cable.

Select the File option on your iPhone and then choose the Device option.

Locate the Transfer Purchases option and tap on it.

Wait for a while to complete the process. When the process is finished, open iTunes and click on the Recently Added option in the left panel. You can see the newly added songs here.

Note: If you wish to save those newly added songs, you can choose the songs and download them.

Steps for Transferring Music Files from Your iPhone to Your PC

If you want to transfer the downloaded music files from your iPhone to your PC, then iTunes will help. But you can use the iMazing application. It is an amazing tool that is capable of transferring any kind of file between any device and any computer.

You need to go through some really simple steps to transfer any audio file from your iPhone to your computer with the help of the iMazing application.

Step 1: Try Installing amazing on Your iPhone and Connect it to Your PC

The first thing you must do is launch the iMazing application on your iPhone. For this, you have to visit the App store first and download the iMazing application. When it is successfully downloaded, install it. Once you are done installing this tool on your Apple device, connect your iPhone to your PC, either with a USB cable or wirelessly.

Step 2: Select Your Device Name in the amazing App

After you are done performing the first step, you need to select the name of your device in the iMazing sidebar. You will be shown a list of options now. From there, tap on the Music option and proceed.

Step 3: Choose the Music File that You Want to Transfer

Next, you need to select the song that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your computer. For this, you will have to look at your music library carefully. Or this can be located in your playlist also. Once you find that particular music file, tap on it.

Note: If you are having difficulties finding the particular music file, you can use the search option in your music library. All you have to do is write the name of that particular music file and hit the search symbol. You will be shown the exact results.

Look for the Export to folder option in the Toolbar. When you finally see it, highlight the option and select it. Click Next after that.

This will open up the Music Export Wizard.

Step 4: Choose the Place in Your Device Where You want to Export the Music File

After you are done performing the last step, it’s time for you to select a particular location where you want to place the music file. iMazing may question you regarding where you want to place the music file and how you wish to organize the music files. In case you are copying a bunch of audio files,  it is suggested that you organize them in folders.

It can be by the name of the artist or by the album. So when you need to find that particular song, you can search for it by the name of the singer or the album. Click on Next after you organize the music files in suitable folders.

Step 5: Transfer Your Desired Music Files from Your iPhone to Your PC

When you click on Next, iMazing will start transferring the music files automatically. The time for transferring the audio files may vary. It depends on how many songs you export from your Apple device to your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What are the steps for transferring files from the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable?

Ans: First you need to connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. After that, open iTunes and hit the Files tab. Check the boxes in order to transfer files. Choose where you want to place the files and click on Sync. This will successfully complete your transfer.

2: How can I connect my iPhone to my computer?

Ans: Open iTunes in your PC and then connect your iPhone to your laptop by a USB cable. Under the iTunes device menu, select your iPhone device name and hit on the Apply icon to sync your iPhone and computer.

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