IPhone Screen Won’t Turn ON But Siri Works [Relevant Fixes]

IPhone Screen Won’t Turn ON But Siri Works [Relevant Fixes]

In today’s world of modern technology, iPhones are known for their best-in-class performance. But like other electronic devices, iPhones are also prone to some errors. One such issue with iPhones is that the iPhone screen goes black and won’t turn ON but other apps like Siri work.

This problem is really annoying as when the screen goes black you cannot do anything on your phone which in turn can disturb your work. Therefore, after getting so many complaints regarding this issue from several iPhone users around the world, we have enlisted some easy and effective methods to fix the iPhone screen that won’t turn ON but Siri works issue.

Why does the iPhone Screen Turn off while your Phone is on?

There are various factors that can lead to iPhone screens going black while you are actively using your phone like playing games or watching videos or doing any other. These causes are often very minor and can be resolved easily.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes that trigger this iPhone screen-related issue-

Low Battery Charge, battery charge going down below 5% can cause the iPhone screen to turn OFF. If your iPhone’s screen turns off just after you have downloaded and installed any app, then there’s a high chance that this screen turning off issue is caused by that particular app. Maybe that app is malicious or virus prone.

If the iPhone’s space is full and there’s no internal space available, then it might cause trouble while playing certain apps. Due to this reason, the iPhone screen can go black. But other apps will work.

If you are using an outdated version of iOS on your iPhone, then also this screen-darkening glitch can occur.

How to Fix the iPhone Screen Darkening Issue?

Here we have enlisted some of the most commonly used and practical solutions in order to troubleshoot the iPhone screen that won’t turn ON but Siri works glitch or you can call iPhone Support Number

Solution 1: Recharge your iPhone

Sometimes, if your iPhone is low on charge, then it force stops certain apps in order to save battery draining. During this period, it might be possible that the screen freezes and turns off due to a low battery charge. Other apps like Siri generally work but it’s of no use as you will not be able to use your iPhone if the screen is completely black.

However, this issue can be easily resolved just by connecting your iPhone to any power source and recharging your phone for a few hours. Once your iPhone is completely charged, switch off your phone. Wait for 30 seconds and then turn it back ON.

If the screen is back to normal and displays everything like before, your screen darkening problem is resolved. But if the screen is still black and does not display anything, this means this problem is not caused because of low charge. So try out the next method to fix this issue.

Solution 2: Free Space in your iPhone

As mentioned earlier, if you have used all your phone memory with a large number of apps, docs and multimedia files, then it can lead to the iPhone’s screen turning black issue. Overcrowding of files and apps can slow down your iPhone’s speed and lead to various iOS errors. Therefore, it is always recommended to free some space from your iPhone.

To do this, follow the steps given below:

When your phone is in average condition and the screen is having a full display, navigate to the Settings app and open it.

Scroll down and go to the General option under the Settings tab.

Click on the General option and then select iPhone Storage.

After a few seconds, the total storage left on your iPhone will be displayed on the screen. If there’s not much space left, delete the cache files.

Delete all the unused and unwanted apps and media files in order to draw more space in the iPhone’s storage.

When there is enough space left on your iPhone, look for the screen darkening error. If the error still persists, move on to the next solution provided here.

Solution 3: Force Stop All the Recently Launched Apps

As we have discussed earlier, if your iPhone screen goes black just after you have installed and launched any app, then it indicates that the screen darkening issue is caused by that particular app. To check if the fault occurs in that particular app or not, perform the steps stated below:

First of all, force stop all the running apps in the background and open only the app you have installed recently.

Check if the screen goes black or not.

If the screen turns off but all other apps like Siri are working, then the fault lies in this app itself.

Uninstall and delete the app.

Switch off your iPhone and turn it back ON after a few seconds.

Your iPhone screen won’t turn ON but the Siri works problem will be resolved by now. Still, if the error persists, move on to the next fix.

Solution 4: Perform Hard Reset on your iPhone

Your iPhone’s screen suddenly turns black while you are active on your phone indicating that your iPhones operating system is crashing or lagging. Forced restart or hard reset clears all the RAM memory and also boosts the speed of the phone. To perform a hard reset of your iPhone, follow the steps given below-

First, press and release the Volume Up button.

Next, press and release the Volume Down button.

Lastly, tap and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Several affected users have claimed that by performing hard reboots on their phones, they have resolved their problem of iPhone screen darkening. But if this solution does not work for you, then try the next method given below.

Solution 5: Factory Restore your iPhone

Performing a factory restore and putting your iPhone in the DFU mode is the ultimate step to solve this screen darkening issue on your iPhone. When you perform a factory reset, all the files including, documents, media, and other installed apps will be deleted. Not only that, all the inbuilt apps will be reloaded in their factory default settings.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to take a backup of all the data that your iPhone contains and then perform a factory restore. To complete the DFU restore on your iPhone X, you will need to follow these steps-

Connect your iPhone X to your computer.

Now, go to iTunes and open the app.

Press the Volume Up button.

Next, tap the Volume Down button.

Now, press and hold the Side button until the screen of your iPhone X goes black.

After that, press and hold the Side button and Volume Down button together.

Press both the buttons together for 5 seconds and then release the side button only. While continuing to press and hold the Volume Down button.

When the iPhone appears in iTunes, release the Volume Down button.

If your iPhone appears in iTunes or Finder, then it means the DFU mode is activated.

 Finally, select the Restore option and continue with the on-screen instructions prompted to complete the DFU restore process.

After the restore process is completed, your phone will start afresh with all the apps back to their factory default settings.

End Note

These are the best solutions to fix the iPhone screen darkening problem according to several affected iPhone users worldwide. These solutions are practical and can be performed easily on your own. But even after performing all these steps, if your iPhone’s screen keeps turning black, then you can contact us @ YG Informatics iPhone Support Phone Number (855) 758-3043 to get expert advice on this particular error. You can directly call us at our Toll-Free number (855) 758-3043 and even visit our website for any doubts and queries related to iPhones.


Q1. Why is Siri working but my iPhone’s screen is black?

Ans:- The iPhone’s screen goes black because of any hardware-related issues. But there are some easy fixes to solve this problem, the most common of them being the factory reset.

Q2. Why won’t my iPhone screen turn On but Siri works?

Ans:- Go to Settings and enable Siri under the option Allow access when locked. In this way even if something happens to the iPhone’s software and the screen goes black, Siri will still work.

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