iPhone Not Showing Up In iTunes: Here’s How To Fix

IPhone Not Showing Up In ITunes Here’s How To Fix

If you are a Windows 10 user, then you may at times find your iPhone not showing up in iTunes. Many Windows 10 users have reported the issue. You connect your iPhone or another iDevice to your Windows computer and open iTunes. But the device doesn’t show up in iTunes.

There are several causes that can lead to this issue. An outdated USB device is one of the main reasons for this issue. Sometimes an outdated version of iTunes can also lead to this issue.

A faulty lightning cable in your iPhone can also be the reason behind this issue.

Apart from that, outdated Windows drivers can also be the reason behind this issue. But whatever the reason, you need to resolve this issue of the iPhone not showing up in iTunes at the earliest to resume working on it

iPhone Not Showing Up in iTunes Windows 10: Fixes to Follow

In this section, we have discussed some effective fixes that you can implement on your own to fix this particular iTunes issue. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. or Call iPhone Tech Support Number for instant help.

Solution 1: Install the Latest Version of iTunes

If you have not installed the latest version of iTunes on your iPhone then you might find that the device is not showing in iTunes. So, first, you need to update iTunes to the latest version. Here is the step that you can implement on your own to install the latest version of iTunes.

Open iTunes, go to the Help option, and then click on “Check for Updates”. iTunes will then automatically check for any updates available and install them.

Solution 2: Set Apple Services to Start Automatically

Check whether the Apple Services is running or not and then assure that they are set to start automatically. To do so, go through the steps cited below.

Initially, go to the Start menu to click on Run.

After the Run box opens, type ‘services. the music therein and click on the OK option.

When the Services screen opens, check whether the Apple Mobile Device Service, and iPod Service are running or not.

Then, double-click on the Service to change the Startup type to Automatic.

In the end, click on OK to save the changes that you made and then close the window.

Solution 3: Check the USB Cable

Poor connectivity may lead to iPhone not showing up in iTunes Windows 10. Make sure that you are not using a defective USB cable. If any dust and dirt have gathered on the USB port, then clean it. Check whether the USB port of your iPhone is damaged or not as a faulty port can lead to this issue. You can connect the iPhone to another PC in order to check whether the USB port is the cause of this issue.

Solution 4: Reset Location and Privacy

When you connect your iPhone to the computer for the first time, you’ll be prompted to trust the computer. You should always tap Trust. However, if you ever have pressed Don’t trust unknowingly, then you might encounter this iTunes issue. You can fix this issue by resetting the location and privacy settings. To do that,

Head over to Settings and click on the General tab.

After that, click on the “Reset Location and Privacy Tab”.

Solution 5: Update the Apple Mobile USB Driver Software

Because of outdated Apple mobile USB driver software, you might face devices not showing in iTunes. If you don’t know how to update the driver software, then go through the steps mentioned below.

First, right-click on the My Computer option.

After that, head over to Properties and click on Device Manager.

Now, you need to right-click on the Apple mobile device USB driver and then click on the Update driver software.

In the end, reboot the computer and then open iTunes. Thereafter, you will note that iTunes is able to recognize your iPhone.

Solution 6: Remove and Reinstall iTunes

After applying all of the above methods, if you still find the problem exists, then you should reinstall iTunes. For that, uninstall it first and then install it back again. Hopefully, you will note that the problem is fixed.

Hopefully, after applying these solutions you will be able to resolve the iPhone not showing up in iTunes successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are playlists not syncing to the iPhone?

Ans: You need to connect the iPhone to the PC in order to fire up iTunes. Navigate to the left menu to select iPhone and then click on Music. After unchecking the “Sync Music” make sure to click on the “Sync” button. Thus you will be able to fix Playlist not syncing issues without any hassle

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