IPhone 6 Won’t Turn On Or Charge: Get Reliable Fixes

IPhone 6 Won’t Turn On Or Charge Get Reliable Fixes (1)

Power or charger-related problems can arise anytime in any system whether it is old or new. Oftentimes, such errors are attached to damaged or faulty hardware. However, in certain cases, a few computer-associated programs or applications can also cause the device not to charge or power on.

In fact, the Apple iPhone 6 can also inflict a similar issue, as signified by the growing number of users reporting that their Apple iPhone 6 won’t turn on or charge under multiple circumstances.

In order to get rid of this situation, check out the undermentioned section carefully.

iPhone 6 Won’t Turn on or Charge: Potential Reasons

Before you proceed to resolve the iPhone 6-related error, you might need to know why you are getting stuck with this situation. Go through the underlying points in order to recognize the potential factors behind iPhone 6 won’t turn on or charging issues.

Battery Failure: Are you getting iPhone black screen? This is likely that you might be dealing with a drained battery. If you find that your iDevice is turned off when your device has a lot of battery or if your iPhone has been getting hot, then there may be certain battery-associated issues.

All the batteries gradually fall in their capability to hold a resulting charge, the battery performance reduces and especially a low status of charge triggering various unexpected errors and shutdowns.

Physical Damage: If you recently drop your iDevice, then it may stop working and cause iPhone 6 won’t turn on or charge even if no physical damage is showing up.

Water Damage: In spite of the fact that the iPhone 6 is water-resistant, there can be certain internal components of your iDevice that might get affected by any kind of liquid that might end you with the iPhone 6 won’t charge or turn on issue.

Software-Related Bugs and Glitches: Occasionally, your iPhone support number might render various issues due to software-related glitches. iOS updates or certain programs can cause issues. And if your device gets unresponsive while updating the iOS, then your iPhone might also freeze periodically.

Now, you are well accustomed to the potential causes of the iPhone 6 error. Therefore, you can easily remove the problem in no time.

What to Do if iPhone 6 Won’t Turn On Or Charge?

Here are some of the prominent troubleshooting measures that you can try in order to resolve the iPhone 6 error. However, you need to be sure to implement the methods in the same order as instructed to get fruitful results.

Method 1: Charge the iPhone 6

Whether you have already charged your iPhone 6, we suggest you connect your device to the charger. This time, you need to ensure that you are using a functional changer that is properly attached to the power supply.

Generally, you need to understand that if the iPhone is already running at low power via a low battery indicator then the charge might potentially get finished. But, if the battery is entirely drained, then it will no longer react and you will get stuck with the black screen.

Generally, this will take around 30 minutes for the charging indicator to display on the screen.  Here, you require to be sure that the charger or charging cable is not faulty or defective. If any of the charger or charging cable is faulty, then you need to use another reliable charger.

Method 2: Try to Execute a Soft Reset

The iDevice might likewise power on if the iOS gets corrupted or frozen. Make sure that the device has been attached to a wall charger and then press the “Sleep/Wake” button along with the “Home” button for a while unless you notice the Apple logo comes up on the screen.

If this action fails to work, then you can connect your iPhone 6 to a system by using a USB cable and try to press the combination of the Home key and Power key simultaneously. Keep pressing the combination until the Apple logo arrives on the display. This method generally works especially if the error is caused by any sort of software or application-related bugs.

If the standard system restores process won’t work, then you might require to utilize the Recovery Mode. In order to access the Recovery Mode, press the Power button for a while and then drag it to turn it off. If the iDevice won’t react, then hold the combination of the Home and Power key for a few seconds. If there is any kind of error on the iOS, then it should boot to Recovery mode immediately.

Method 3: Restore the Device to Default Settings

A majority of users claim that after restoring the YG Informatics to the default factory settings, they find that the iPhone 6 won’t turn on or the charge error has been removed. But, before you proceed with this method, you need to keep in mind that resetting to the factory settings will eliminate all the settings and data on the device. So, you can make a backup of your essential files and data using iTunes.

Further, follow the undermentioned steps to set the iPhone to the factory settings.

Initially, access the iPhone 6 in Recovery Mode by following the above-mentioned methods.

Afterward, hit the “iTunes” icon that shows up on the screen.

Next, choose the “Restore iTunes” button from the context menu.

Once you are prompted to confirm the process, hit the “Yes” button.

Thereafter, a new confirmation dialog box comes up to ensure that you want to restore the device.

Click on the “Restore” button if you are ready.

Wait for a while unless the restoration process gets over.

Restart the device when you are done. Now, review whether the iPhone 6 error eliminates or not.


How Long does it Take for a Dead iPhone 6 to Turn On?

Attach the iDevice to a wall charger and let the device charge for a few minutes – at least give it twenty minutes. If the battery is entirely dead, then you can not expect your device responds instantly. Therefore, given enough time to charge and it will power itself on.

How do I Clean my iPhone 6’s Charging Port?

Take a toothpick and wrap it with cotton. After wrapping the toothpick, put it inside the charging port of the iPhone 6. Now, clean the charging port gently.

How do I Charge my iPhone if my Charger Port is Broken?

Initially, you have to take out the iPhone’s battery carefully from the device to fix the charger port. Put it between your palms. Try to generate sufficient heat by rubbing the battery in between the palms. Once done, insert the battery back into its proper place and try charging again.

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