How To Fix iTunes Error Code 21 When Restoring Or Updating iPhone?

How To Fix iTunes Error Code 21 When Restoring Or Updating iPhone

It might have happened when you are trying to update or restore your iPhone, “iPhone error 21” keeps popping-up and due to this, there is a chance that iPhone won’t restore. In the end, you must take an immediate action to “Fix iTunes Error Code 21 When Restoring or Updating iPhone”. If nothing you understand, then give a ring at iPhone Customer Support Number and get the proper guidance from the tech-savvy person.

Error 21 iTunes | Get An Extraordinary Solution

Apple Inc. is the renowned iconic brand in the field of technology. Along with various outstanding features and software, it is successfully able to occupy the top place in the global market. However, despite that, most often you may face issues while backing up your data through the iTunes. In that case, you may encounter Error 21 iTunes flashing on your screen. If you want a quick solution regarding that, then reach our finest Technical Assistance in the first instance.
Error 21 iTunes
iPhone is pretty well-known for its advanced Backup technology. As a matter of fact, it is also able to recover the lost data through iCloud, iTunes. But, in many instances, using iTunes for back up purpose may bring in several error codes. Unfortunately, the errors revealed only when you have already started downloading your ost data. In such scenarios, iTunes stops working due to the authentication problem and show a dialogue box with an error “Error 21 iTunes “.
In other instances, your system may crash without showing any specific message or glitch. Even, the hardware devices can’t respond in real time, in some cases. They become very nagging at times. Adding to that, your iDevices may also shut down automatically.
The other probable cause could be due to hardware failure and miscommunication between iOS with hardware. An outdated iTunes can also create the problem to a large extent. The other problem you may face your computing device is freezing in several times.
Sometimes, even the malicious collisions can also trigger the problem. Which basically blocks some of the essential components of iTunes.
So, these are the most obvious reasons for iTunes Error. It surely will help you sort the problem quickly. Alternatively, you can also try some basic steps mentioned below and try to resolve the issue by yourself.
How To Fix iTunes Error 21 When Restoring or Updating iPhone
Now, here are the solutions you can try to ditch Error 21 iTunes. Following the steps closely, should resolve the issue in the first place.
Solution 1:
Update and Reinstall iTunes To The Latest Version
Step 1: First you need to turn on your MAC. Now, open the App Store and click on Update option.
Step 2: Now, check whether any MacOS or iTunes options are there. Click on the required option to fix the Error 21 iTunes.
If you can’t find the above menu options, connect with us for our Technical Support.
For iPhone
First, Connect your iPhone with the PC and select iTunes icon.
After that, Choose your mobile device and confirm by clicking on it.
Finally, Click on Summary options and select Update option. Doing this will update iTunes.
Solution 2:
Sometimes, Virus can spoil your system and show an iTunes Error 21 while you are restoring your lost data. To avoid that, you can follow these steps.
Step 1: Click the Apple Menu tab from Toolbar. Now, select System Preferences Option.
Step 2: Goto Antivirus Security Software Section and click on Firewall option.
Finally, choose “Stop” to disable the security option.
This kind of occurrence on iPhone may be due to hardware error or maybe there is a communication failure between your device and the servers. Some more cause of occurring such an error, are mention below:
• Improper installation of iTunes software
• Corruption in the windows registry
• Malware infection that has corrupted iTunes related program files
• Another program deleted mistakenly
Solutions to Fix iTunes Error 21 When Restoring or Updating iPhone
• Fix this error by Restarting iTunes: – As we know sometimes, firstly switching off and then switching on a device eradicated lots of problems. If this error code is a temporary glitch, this method will be surely helpful for you.
• Fix the same error by Updating iTunes:- To update iTunes, follow the below steps
• Firstly open-up iTunes
• Secondly, go to “Menu” and then “Help”
• Click on the “Help” button and then select “Check for Updates” option
In case the above steps are not sufficient for you, then avail iPhone Customer Service by sitting at your home and get the easiest solution in no time.
• Turn-off Anti-Virus to Cope With this Error: – Most of the time the proper functionality of some vital programs may be hampered by the anti-virus. In that case, turning off the Anti-Virus helps in accessing those programs regardless and maybe updated your device.
• Remove Unnecessary USB device to Fix this Error: – You could try and fix iPhone Error 21 by exasperating all unnecessary external devices from the computer as they may have programs that are getting in the way of proper restore and bringing up iPhone Error 21.
• Fix this Error via Recovery Mode:-
• Put your device into DFU mode
• Now, connect to “iTunes”
• And then, restore iTunes
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