How To Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android Devices Issue

How To Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android Devices Issue

It is often noticed that people who use iPhones often face difficulties while receiving text messages from Android users. Though this is just a common technical glitch, it is very irritating. Generally, there are two types of users- Android and iPhone users. When the communication between them gets disturbed, it causes a big issue.

You must have faced this issue. But don’t worry, as here you will get answers to all your queries. In this article, we will discuss why this iPhone not receiving texts from Android issue occurs and what are the effective fixes for this particular issue. So stay tuned!

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Causes that Trigger iPhone Not Responding to Android Texts Issue:

As this is a serious matter, you must know the causes behind the occurrence of such a problem. So, check out the causes listed here.

It can be due to the weak signal of the Android device which often fails to match that graph with the iPhones.

Due to the faulty messaging application or any technical glitches in your messaging app that you are currently using.

Maybe the settings in both of your devices are incorrect and this gives rise to many problems such as this one

Apart from this, there can be some other factors responsible for this particular issue, such as a device loaded with junk files or caches, an incorrect recipient number, etc.

8 Effective Ways to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Texts From Android Issue:

We have discovered the reasons that instigate this particular issue. But we still don’t know how to troubleshoot this error. So, without any further delay, let’s dive straight onto the fixes.

Fix 1: Quit and Reload your Messaging Application

In order to fix this issue, the first thing that you need to do is quit the messaging app (iMessage) and then reload it. Clearing the other applications in the background might also help.

Fix 2: Turn On and Turn Off the Airplane Mode

Sounds silly, but another trick you can try for resolving this issue is toggling the Airplane mode. This is found to be a very useful trick as it refreshes the cellular signal and data. To do so, follow the steps cited below-

Swipe the bottom screen of your iPhone.

Locate the Airplane mode option and hit on it.

Turn off Airplane Mode and wait for a minute.

After that, turn off the Airplane Mode in your device and see if the problem has been fixed or not.

Fix 3: Correct your Device’s Settings

Check whether the settings of your iPhone are correct or not…If not, try correcting the Settings with the help of the following steps-

Visit settings and go to the Message Settings options.

Check if the iMessages option is on or not.

If not then, turn that on.

Now, try sending messages from your Android device to your iPhone. Hopefully, you will no longer face this issue.

Fix 4: Restart your iPhone Device

The next quick fix for this particular issue is restarting your iPhone as many people stated that restarting the device solves maximum technical issues. To renew your iPhone, you have to turn off your iPhone. Then wait for a minute and turn that on again  So, try restarting your device to solve this annoying problem.

Fix 5: Perform a Factory Reset

Another effective way to deal with this particular issue is by performing a factory reset on your iPhone. Factory Reset helps you to eradicate complex data corruption and fatal system errors. To perform the factory reset, follow the steps stated hereunder.

Click on “Settings” and then look for the “General” option.

Tap on it and keep scrolling until you find the “Reset “ option.

Now, from the shown list, select the “Erase all Contents and Settings” option.

When asked for your iPhone passcode, provide that.

Now, confirm the Factory Reset option.

Now, you are all done!

Note: Make sure to back up every important file/document of yours before performing Factory Reset, to avoid loss of data.

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Fix 6: Try Updating the Other iOS Device

One of the major reasons for the iPhone not receiving texts from Android issue is the outdated Android version of your device. Thus, to eliminate this issue, you must update the iOS device you are using to send text messages. For doing so, perform the below-given steps:

Go to the “Settings” option in your Android Device.

Locate the “About Phone” option or “System Updates” option.  (These options may vary from device to device)

Check for your system updates. If the device requires to be updated, update it to the latest version of Android.

Once you complete downloading the version and installing, reboot your device and check whether the issue has been solved or not.

Fix 7: Reset the Network Settings

If none of the above-mentioned fixes have solved the issue, then try resetting the network settings on your iPhone. For resetting the Network Settings, you have to perform the following:

Go to “Settings” and search for the “General” option.

Tap on it, once you find it.

Now, select “Reset” and hit on “Reset Network Settings”.

That’s it! Perform these easy steps and hopefully, your problem will get solved.

Fix 8: Switch to 2G

The last suggested solution for this issue is switching the mobile network to 2G. Sometimes, the LTE or 3G network state is also responsible for this issue. So, change the network state and switch to 2G.

First, visit “Settings”.

Choose “Cellular” and Turn the Cellular Data on.

Now, from the list of Cellular Data options, choose “Voice and Data”.

The last thing you have to do is, hit on the 2G option.

Isn’t it that simple? These are the most effective fixes that can save you from the iPhone not receiving texts from Android problems.

Final Verdict:

Except for these 8 fixes, you can try fixing this issue by reinserting the sim cards, rechecking the recipient’s number, updating the carrier settings on your iPhone, etc.

In case, nothing solves your issue, then you may contact tech professionals for instant assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1: Why are all my text messages failing?

Ans: The main problem with this issue can be signal strength. If you are in a poor network coverage area, then this can also be the reason behind this issue. You can fix this problem by clearing the caches from your text messaging application. Also, check if your phone is in Safe Mode or not. If yes, then bring it back to normal mode.

2: I can’t receive any text messages on my Android device. Why so?

Ans: Go through the steps below-

1:Tap on the Settings icon in your Android device and open Apps.

2: Ensure that all the application filters are properly selected.

3: Scroll through the list and stop when you see the built-in messaging application. Click on it.

4: After that, you need to hit on the Storage option and wait until the calculation is completed.

5: Now, clear all the junk data and caches by tapping on Clear Data and Clear Caches options.

Simply restart your phone after performing all the steps and see if this problem still exists on your phone or not.

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