How To Fix iPhone GPS Not Working?

How To Fix iPhone GPS Not Working

GPS system is a navigational tool, used for both personal as well as professional purpose. iPhones offer a range of facilities and GPS is one of them. However, issues with iPhone’s GPS can be terrible and cause serious problem If you are facing the same problem, then you are on the right page. We will guide you on how to fix iPhone GPS not working.
iPhone GPS Not Working? Get One-Stop Solutions At Your Fingertips

iPhone GPS Not Working: The Early Signs

iPhone has a brilliant navigation tool which allows the users to seek direction and calculate the distance between two stations. However, an error can ruin your experience. Hence, you must search for quick solutions to remove the glitch from its core.
Accordingly, there are some early signs that help us to detect that something is wrong with the GPS system. One of the early signs of derailed GPS system is a no signal alert. Often users find that the iPhones are not detecting any signals. The other symptoms are listed below.
• GPS cannot detect the user’s location or shows the wrong area.
• The compass does not show the right direction
• The applications cannot locate the individual or find his location.
• The tracking system is not working properly. It happens mostly due to an internet connection error when the tracker stops updating.
• Another additional problem occurs after you update the apps or the operating system. In this case, usually, the reset method fails.

If you are getting an iPhone error 6, it usually means there is a problem with the USB connection between your iPhone and computer.
These are some common symptoms, but no glitch should be overlooked. If you are facing any problem from the list or something similar, follow the quick solutions to resolve the matter.
Fix iPhone GPS Not Working Properly Issue With Simple Guidelines
The following methods will resolve the matter. In case you find any difficulties in understanding,

feel free to get in touch with our iPhone Customer Support for appropriate solutions.

  1. First and foremost, make sure your iPhone has a good signal. You can move to a different location, preferably an open space with strong signals. GPS works best with active alerts.
  2. Then move to settings and open the privacy tab. After that, switch off the location detector on the iPhone. Wait for some time and turn it on again.
  3. Move back to the settings section and turn the Airplane Mode on. Then wait for some time and turn it off.
  4. Repeat the same process for WIFI signals and cellular data. This is just a general technique. In case this method does not work, we have other solutions for you.
    Alternative Methods And The Things To Consider
    • Check the location services using privacy settings and switch it on. In case there is an issue with a specific application, you will find three options, such as Never (the location will not work), While Using The App (for a specific time) and Always (the detector will remain in the background). You can modify any option before following the procedure. It is better to follow the always option. Then either turn on the location services.
    • Another method that you can apply is by setting the iPhone location or changing the network information. If you are facing this problem, move to settings option and select the general icon. You will a reset option. Click it, and the issue will resolve.
    • Further, your iPhone may not show the location because of a software application. First, press the Sleep and Home icons together. Once you find the Apple logo, leave both the buttons, and your iPhone will carry a procedure.
    • Finally, you can try restoring your iPhone. However, before you opt for any troubleshooting method, figure out what caused the problem.

iPhone GPS Not Working Yet? Get Expert Assistance

The above methods may fail to resolve the issue. If you find troubles while performing the task, seek help from professionals. Give us a call on our iPhone Support Number for quick resolutions. Our technicians are skilled to resolve iPhone GPS not working and additional issues. You can avail of our services via mail or live chat option as well. Our channels are open 24×7.

iTunes error 9006 usually occurs when there is a problem with the internet connection during the update or restore process.

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