How To Fix IPhone Error Code 56?


There are a vast number of iOS device users who often come across with the error code 56 which usually occurs when they are attempting to update devices with iOS 9.3.2. While this error occurs, users will be prompted with an alert message by displaying as “iPhone (iOS device) cannot be updated. An unknown error occurred 56” or “Software Update Failed”. So, it is necessary to Fix iPhone Error Code 56 in iOS devices. Also when users are trying to download iOS 9.3.2″, this error usually executes. iOS device at this point of time will fail to update and stop working normally if users have come across this error message. During the installation of iOS 9.3.2, one may also get these error problems.

This uses a different USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer or power adapter. A damaged or faulty cable could be the reason why the iPhone error 6  messages is appearing.

Instant And Effective Fixes For iPhone Error 56 Is A Call Away!

Apple is famous all over the globe because of the high-end technologies it offers. Every now and then, this brand comes up with some new and improved features. Over time, a number of iOS user face troubles with their device. Although iTunes is one of the most reliable and efficient software, still it creates problems at times. iPhone error 56 is one of those common issues encountered by users. It is an update and restoration-related problem. If you are struggling with an error 56 then, go through this article and learn ways to resolve it.

What causes iPhone Error 56?

When you attempt to upgrade your Apple gadget with iOS 9.3.2. and encounter some alert message, it is usually an error 56. It basically prevents you from performing an update or restoring through iTunes. If you are trying to fix this problem, first you have to figure out its exact causes.
Accordingly, any technical glitch in your iTunes or iDevice can be the reason of this issue. Also, when the lighting cable or any of its parts get damaged, an error 56 pops up. Further, an outdated OS or iTunes version can result in this problem.
Moreover, an iPhone error 56 can occur due to a number of factors. It is confusing and at times may seem weird. However, it never comes up randomly. So, whenever you encounter an error 56, try to figure out the exact reason. In case, you can’t figure out the causes on your own, avail expert help. Get in touch with our Apple Customer Care team to resolve your queries.

Troubleshooting Measures For iPhone Error 56

It’s important to detect the causes of the error at first. Once you figure out why the error message is flashing on your iPhone screen, you can go for the solution accordingly. Some of the standard fixes are discussed below. Try the methods as per the problem.
Resolve The Issue By Uninstalling Third-Party Software
Third-party software is capable of causing some issues. Sometimes a clash with this software and iTunes results in an error 56. So, check whether any of them is causing the problem and install them if needed. Also, you can run a scan to look for possible threats.
Update iOS In DFU Mode
An error 56 can pop up when the operating system you are using is not updated one. Therefore, one possible solution to eliminate the issue is performing an update in DFU mode.
• Connect your iPhone to your computer.
• Then press the Home and power button together and wait until the white logo of Apple appears.
• Now press only the Home button.
• After that, run iTunes while pressing the Shift key to enter DFU mode.
• Click on the Restore button and tap on the firmware icon to complete the procedure.
Upgrade iTunes Version.
An outdated iTunes can cause this error. So, check whether the version you are using is the latest one or not. In case an update is available, go for it. If the problem occurred due to the iTunes version, then you will be able to resolve it by upgrading.
Here are Steps to Fix iPhone Error Code 56

Sometimes a simple restart can fix many issues, including the iCloud verification failed issue. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the Power button until the slider appears, then slide it to turn off your phone. After a few seconds, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears.

Method 1: Close all of Your Unnecessary Third-Party Software Installed in the Device
Sometimes, this error problem may occur in iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while you are in the process of iOS 9.3.2 update. It may occur due to software conflict issues. Therefore, it is advised by iOS Support Number technicians to remove all of the unnecessary programs such as antivirus software, game applications, etc. and then update the iOS 9.3.2 on the device.
Method 2: Restoring the iPhone on Another Computer
If the above method does not seems to be working out then, one should try to connect the iPhone to another computer and install the latest iTunes version. After users have completed with this step, they are asked to restore their iPhone on the computer to get rid of the error code after updating to iOS 9.3.2.
Method 3: Updating the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch in DFU mode+
Here, users are advised to put their iOS device in DFU mode to update it properly. Users can now follow all the steps instructed below to adjust the iOS device in DFU mode:
Connect the iPhone to the computer first and then turn off this device.
Press the “Home and Power” simultaneously on the iPhone.
Only press the ‘Home button” when a “white apple logo” is visible
Run the iTunes and the, press the “Shift’ key when the iPhone has been entered into the DFU mode. Now, users are advised to click the “Restore: button and then, select the “firmware” icon to restore.
Method 4: Here in This Solutions, one needs to send the iOS device to an Apple device repair shop
If still, the error seems to persist then, it is better advised to send the iOS device to the Apple device repair shop for fixing the issue completely.
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Fix iPhone Error 56 With Professional Help
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A simple restart can often fix many issues, including connection errors. Press and hold the Power button until the slider appears and fix the connection error in the mail on your phone. After a few seconds, press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears.

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