How To Fix iPhone Error Code -39?

How To Fix IPhone Error Code

When you try to sync your iPhone to iTunes over Mac and Windows, “Error Code 39” may occur. While deleting photos from your iPhone, you face such an error. Hence, take aid from technical engineers to Fix iPhone Error Code -39. When using iTunes on your Mac/PC to update or restore your iPhone, you might see an error code or an alert message such as “iTunes error code 39”. We understand it is quite much frustrating when you are trying again and again to eradicate this hurdle but the error still remains. That’s why we advise you to grab iPhone Customer Care Service by sitting at your home and get the complete solution in no more time.

Once your iPhone is in recovery mode, select Fix an iTunes error 3014 On iPhone to restore your iPhone to its original settings.

iTunes Error 39 | Experience The Flawless Services

iTunes is a utility software powered by Apple for all iDevices. It provides the most secure pathway for backing up all the essential data. Perhaps, this is the main reason for its immense worldwide popularity. However, while syncing your device using iTunes you may encounter iTunes Error 39. For any instant assistance, you can directly get in touch with us.
iTunes Error 39 – Probable Reasons Of Its Occurrence
While you synchronize your Apple devices with your PC, most likely you face this issue. You can’t be able to sync your data through this process anymore because of a fatal iTunes Error.
As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons for iTunes Error 39. When you change the original file or folder resources by mistake. A little amount of modification may create difficulty in iTunes updates.
Another reason could be deleting any files or images from your Apple device. It reflects on both of the devices which are already attached to your Apple devices.
Here are the solutions, you can try to resolve the issue on your own. However, fixing the issue surely will take a lot of time. No to mention, the risk is another vital factor. So, if you are looking for a quick solution to iTunes Error 39, grab the opportunity to talk to our experienced professionals.

Possible Ways To Fix iPhone Error Code 39

We are discussing the process of how you can fix iPhone errors. We hope you can sort the problem by using these solutions. First, you need to make sure, you are using an upgraded version of iTunes compatible with your Apple OS. Otherwise, you can follow the below.
Solution 1: For Windows
Exclude System Firewall Security
Most of the time, you can see when you want to download your previous lost data, you can’t recover. In most of cases, the firewall is the triggering concern. Then you have to remove this security by following the steps.
Step 1: Open your Control Panel Window and now type Firewall in the Search box.
Step 2: Now, you can find out an option like” Allow an App through Windows Firewall.” Goto that menu and can visualize multiple possibilities in a list. Select the functions and choose Change Settings Option.
Finally, open click on “Allow another App” button and Disable it. Then, choose iTunes Executable file(.exe) along with its path. Now, press the OK button to complete the Firewall Deactivation Process.
At this point, you should be able to ditch the error.
Solution 2: For Mac
Synchronize all Items
• While deleting files, images, folders, contacts or messages from our iPhone Devices, sync the items immediately.
• At first, connect your Apple device with your Laptop or PC. Now, select the photos or data which you want to Sync.
• Now, you can choose Automatic Scan or Manual Scan as per your wish. Then, you can see all the images as Thumbnails form. Uncheck all the items and make sure you have unchecked all.
• Finally, you will start synchronization on your Device data or contents and finish this process. Now, restart your system and check whether the problem persists.
• Still, unable to fix iTunes Error 39, then at this point you need to seek professional help.
• ere is the Causes of Getting Such Type of Error:
• The particular error occurs when one tries to sync iOS devices with iTunes
• When deleting photos and videos from iPhone
Solutions to Fix iPhone Error Code 39

Here you can see the step-by-step guides of annihilating this error on both Windows and Mac. Hence, stick your eyes on the below points:

Method 1: Windows
Follow the below steps on your own:
• first of all launch “iTunes”, sync your iPhone and then navigate to the pictures tab
• In the picture tab, uncheck all the photos
• After doing that, iTunes will prompt you regarding deleting all the pictures from your iPhone
• Click “OK” button to proceed
• Now, sync your iPhone by pressing the sync button which is at the bottom and then navigate to photos
• After that go to iTunes > Pictures and check mark all the pictures again
• After completion of re-sync your iPhone.
Method 2: Mac
Look-up at the below-listed points:
• Firstly, go to “Username” > “Pictures” > “iPhoto Library”
• After that, right click on the “iPhone Library”
• Now, you can see the package contents
• navigate to “iPhone Photo cache” from iPhoto Library
• Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and then press sync in iTunes

There are some expert solutions to troubleshoot iTunes error 9006 quickly:

Avail The Smartest Solutions
Dial iPhone Customer Service Number for iTunes Support
There you go!! If you have followed the instructions closely, you won’t be getting bugged by an unknown “error 39” again. But unfortunately even after following all these above steps carefully, still facing the same error and now don’t know what to do. In that situation, there is the only way to cope-up with your hurdles and that is to make a call at iPhone Support Number where your call will be dealt with by trained technicians. They will assist you as simply as possible so that you can easily exterminate your error.
We have the industry’s best tech expert on our team, working round the clock so you get the best solution each time. We aim to provide long-term solutions with the utmost customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our experts are operational round the clock, so you can reach us the moment you face a problem.
We try to resolve all your issues in your first call, in a cost-effective way. Again, In addition to that, our specialists are capable enough to resolve iTunes Error 39 in just a flicker of time. So, reach us by using our one of our communication channels. We have an active helpline number, you can also drop us your service request through our email ID. Furthermore, we have an active chat support portal. Share your error details and get the solutions right in your chat box.
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