How To Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically On iPhone?

How To Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically On iPhone?

The most popular reason for deciding users to disable the auto-sync feature in iTunes is that songs that have been accidentally deleted from the main iTunes library, can’t appear on the iPhone. It is not an easy task to Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically on iPhone for users who lack technical knowledge. For them, it is necessary to lend a hand to techies who are well-professional in the same.

Disable iTunes– Expert Solution Just A Call Away

iPhone users sometimes feel the need to disable iTunes on their devices. There could be several reasons why you might need to disable iTunes. You may want to disable the auto-sync feature on iTunes if songs get deleted accidentally from the main iTunes library.

If you connect your iPhone to a computer, iTunes automatically turn on the sync feature with the device. In that case, you may want to turn off the auto-sync. Hence, here are the necessary steps you can follow to temporarily deactivate iTunes.  

Why Disable The Auto-sync Feature On iTunes?

Sometimes, you may want to turn off the auto-sync feature if the computer you are using is not your personal computer. In that scenario, you might want to disable the auto-sync.

Other than that, you may also use a computer that you don’t normally sync with. As a result, the computer won’t contain the correct data in it.  You may want to disable auto-sync on iTunes so that you don’t overwrite data with outdated information.

The process of syncing takes a lot of time. If you have a lot of data to sync or some data that needs more time to sync, the process gets longer. However, if it takes longer than usual then it might start to lag a bit. In that case, you should disable auto-sync on iTunes.

How To Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically on iPhone

Firstly, you need to open iTunes and then connect the iPhone to the computer. However, iTunes should launch automatically on your iPhone. But if it doesn’t, launch iTunes manually on your iPhone.  You can do that by selecting, iPhone from the top menu. After that, you should scroll down in the summary section. Then, go to options and uncheck the box for auto-syncing. Once done save the changes and close the tab.

Turning Off Auto-sync In iTunes On Earlier Versions

You can apply this procedure to earlier versions of iTunes in order to disable iTunes. However, the process is more or less similar. But the slight difference lies in the text and the steps. In case your iTunes does not have the exact same options, you can try to find the closest match to those options. First, you need to launch iTunes and then open ‘preferences’ in the iTunes menu. After that, you should click on the devices tab. In the next step, you need to check the box for stopping your iPhones or iPads from syncing automatically. Now, click ‘ok’ to exit ‘preferences’.

Remember Syncing Manually Next Time

Once you disable the auto-sync feature on iTunes, for further synchronization, you need to perform the task manually. You need to have a backup of the data on your iPhone. As a matter of fact, syncing is an effective way to restore back the data, during an emergency. Failing to do so, may cost losing your valuable content and information.

You should have a backup as the song accidentally deleted by you, could be recovered on your iPhone with the help of iTunes. But one thing all the users should keep in their mind is that if iTunes also goes deleted from iPhone, then it might be unrecoverable. If you are facing lots of technical glitches and getting frustrated, then you are suggested to grab iPhone Repair Service to know the answer to all your hurdles.

Steps To Disable iTunes Syncing Automatically on iPhone

Before running the iTunes software, ensure the iPhone is disconnected from your computer. Run iTunes and then follow the step-by-step procedure below.

  • In the main iTunes screen, click the “Edit” menu and then choose the “Preferences” option from the list
  • If you are accessing the Mac version of iTunes, then you are required to click the “iTunes” menu followed by “Preferences”
  • Now click the “Devices” button which you will get near the top of the settings screen to view more options
  • After that enable the option to “Prevent iPhones from syncing automatically” by clicking the check box next to it
  • Now, tap on the “OK” button to save settings and exit the configuration screen

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