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iPhones are the most unique and attractive smartphones which have swept away the market in a prominent way. Apple’s flagship phone has been creating ripples since its inception. It is one of the preferable gadgets among customers over the world. With an excellent camera and a great sound output, your iPhone is not just a phone but a multi-faceted smart gadget. You can send and receive mail, shoot videos, browse the web, send text, and even, you can also take quality pictures. There is no doubt that Apple provides the best quality products, however, like any other technical gadgets, these products also undergo technical faults. Hence, Delete All Photos from iPhone is a query found quite often in recent times.

How To Delete All Photos From iPhone? – Some Easy Hacks

If you’re using an iPhone then you might face some significant to minor glitches with your insufficient storage. In that case, you must free up space on your iPhone. Thus, to free up some space you need to delete some photos from your iPhone relatively quickly using some necessary process. In this section, we provide some helpful methods to remove your photos from your iPhone in a hurry without selecting them one by one to erase. Given below are some of the easiest tricks that you can apply via which you can easily get rid of the unnecessary photos and thereby, get some of your valuable space back again.

Delete Multiple Photos

If you need to remove or delete more than one photo at a time, then you need to press in the top-right corner and select the photos which you want to remove or delete. After that, press the trash icon.hh

Delete Photos Individually

First, open the Photos App then find the photos that you want to delete or remove. Then, press the trash icon to confirm the process. After firing, they will be automatically moved to your Recently Deleted folder.

Delete Albums

In one go, you can delete all images and even videos in an album. If you want to delete particular photos which are grouped together in an album, then it can be very helpful to you.

Choose the album that you want to delete or remove and then open it and Select All. Then, just press the trash icon to remove them.

Additionally, if you want to permanently delete the images then follow the mentioned steps:

  • Primarily, navigate to the photos.
  • Then, go to the Albums.
  • Then, open the Recently Deleted folder.
  • Now, select the top-right corner and select the photos again and click on the “Delete All” option.

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