How To Activate iPad Without Apple ID Or Password?

Activate iPad Without Apple ID or Password

Apple has introduced an impenetrable security system that makes it hard for any hackers or thieves to Activate iPhone Without an Apple id or Password. Apple’s activation lock extraordinarily secures and protects personal data from all malicious activities.

Quick Guidelines to activate iPad without Apple ID

Apple ID is for security and identification for your Apple smartphones. All Apple products activate its device with a smart Apple id. This Apple id consists of your basic data like name, email id, and phone number and creates a user account with the help of Apple id. with the help of this account, you can easily access your iTunes, iCloud, and some paid gaming apps and login into your Apple devices (MacBook, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.). But Activate iPad without Apple ID, is a little complex for you as you are not a tech-savvy person. Go through the article below, check for suitable solutions, and get it fixed without any hassle.  

How to activate iPad without Apple id

Setting up an iPad without an Apple id is an easy and simple process. Some users want to get their iPad running without using Apple ID. If you fall into this category, check out the stepwise instructions to get it resolved at the earliest.

  • Push the home button
  • Select your language
  • Select your Country
  • Now choose your Wifi network connection
  • After connecting it to your Wifi, it will ask for the location. You can either disable or enable your location
  • Now create a Passcode
  • Then Click on” Setup as new iPad”

Your iPad will be activated without Apple ID. You can also activate the iPhone without Apple ID with the same instruction. Do it with ease with no hassle.

Forgot Apple ID

In case you don’t remember your Apple ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Apple ID account
  • Click on “Forgot Apple ID”
  • Enter your details: your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Answer to the security question if asked
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your email ID.
  • Click on the link and reset your Apple ID

Buzz to the Apple Support team

We are a group of diligent technicians. Our experts are specially trained to handle Apple devices. No matter what problem you are facing with your Apple product, we will take care of it immediately.

Additionally, we will provide you with guidelines for further maintenance. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with our service. For immediate help, talk to our experts who are available 24*7 at your assistance and will provide you with smart solutions.  Get in touch with our Apple Support Number and resolve all your problems under one roof.

Clever tricks and tips to remove Activation Lock Using iCloud

In case, the activation in your iPad is not working, try to remove the activation lock from your iOS device. Things get tricky when you are unable to access your phone. There are several ways to remove the activation lock, one of the efficient ways is with the help of iCloud. Have a look at the following guidelines carefully.

  • Open from your Apple device
  • Activate your phone by signing in with Apple ID
  • Now go to the settings and click to “Find iPhone”
  • Select “All Devices”
  • Click “Remove from Account”

After completing all these steps, switch off your phone and turn it on. You will be able to process your normal activation process now with no hassle.

Bonus Information

To avoid technical glitches in the future, try to follow the given tips to keep your system updated.

  • Upgrade iOS to the current version.
  • Delete all junk files.
  • Reset your iPad, iPhone
  • Scan your Apple smartphone more often.

A unique Apple ID is required to unlock the Activation lock code. Users’ unique Apple ID contains multiple upper cases, lower cases and numbers, and characters to make it difficult for hackers to hack the device. It is impossible to open an iPhone or iPad without Apple ID. It is immensely necessary to remember the exact Apple Id and Password to access your device uninterruptedly. But due to the complex password, it is natural for a user to forget the password and hence making it difficult to access your iPhone or iPad.

Steps to Activate iPhone Without Apple id or Password:

Keeping an eye on the necessity to recover an iPhone without an Apple ID or Password, with the help of our Apple id Technical Support team, we have come up with the best possible procedures to access your iPhone in less time possible. To deal with this situation, Apple has provided a webpage with an option to “activate iPhone without Apple ID”.

Step 1: Recover Apple ID

  • Open “”, Apple ID account page
  • Select Forget Apple ID or Password Option
  • Click on “Look it up” when asked for Apple ID
  • Fill up the information and after doing so, you will receive a confirmation mail. Click on the received link to generate a new Apple ID and Password to Sign In.

Step 2: Recover Apple Password

  • Open “”, Apple ID account page
  • Select Forget Apple ID or Password Option
  • Type your Apple ID
  • Enter the previously used Email Address and Phone Number.
  • Wait till you receive a confirmation text or email on your mail id.
  • As soon as you verify, you can generate a new password and continue using your device.

By applying these two effective steps, one can activate the iPhone without inputting the Apple ID and Password.

Call at Apple Technical Support Phone Number for Instant Response

In case, even after following these two steps, you cannot activate your Apple device, it is advisable to make a call to the Apple id Support Phone Number and get immediate help. We provide 24*7 support and are ready to help every customer with comprehensive solutions to any Apple ID, password, or product-related problems. Hence get in touch now and avail professional help from well-skilled and experienced technicians for all customer-related queries.

Having issues activating your Apple device? Connect us instantly

Activating an Apple smartphone without using Apple ID can be a tricky task for you. It is not possible for everyone to get it resolved on their own even after providing the best solution. Do not worry, you can opt for our services to fix the issues with your iPhone, iPad, etc. All you need to do is reach our toll-free Apple Support Number. Our experts will surely respond to your queries within 24 hours.  When you choose our services, we guarantee you our quality services. You can also enlist all your doubts and drop us an email at our official ID or simply have a live chat with our service holders.

Our primary concern is to provide you with the most effective solutions to your budget. Our team consists of professionals who can deal with all Apple issues. Furthermore, we provide you with smart tricks and tips to activate your iPad without Apple ID without any hassle.

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